July 19-26, 2020


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The "Camper #1" will be invoiced for all members of your group.

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WCAMS membership(s) to March 31, 2021 (all participants 18 or older must be members)
 x $25 Adults (18+)  Life members Total membership fees: 
Camp fees
Adults:  (resident) x $1250  (day) x $900
SR YOUTH / Students (15-25):  (resident) x $1050  (day) x $700
CHILDREN / JR YOUTH:  (resident) x $750  (day) x $525
Please note that children under age 6 who have not completed kindergarten attend without charge, but there is no program for them.
Private bathroom:  x $400
T-shirts:  x $10
$200 discount for a group of 3 or more which includes school-aged children (6-18):
Donation to the Scholarship and Bursary Fund (tax-deductible)
WCAMS is committed to ensuring our music camp is accessible to anyone wishing to participate in a musical holiday. Scholarships and bursaries are funded through the generous donations of our membership.
Donor Recognition:   or, Anonymous 

Last year of the WCAMS For Everyone Endowment campaign. Be part of it!
We encourage donations to the permanent Endowment fund. However, support to either fund is most appreciated. Please indicate where you wish your gift to be applied:
Endowment Fund
Donations to the Endowment Fund are held in perpetuity in the Vancouver Foundation WCAMS Fund, and annual disbursements are used for camp scholarships & bursaries.
Annual Fund
Donations to the Annual Fund are applied 100% to the following year's camp.
Total payable (subject to verification by camp registrar): 
Financial Assistance
Financial assistance is available to those who find that the fees are a significant barrier to participation. To apply, please complete the:
Application for Scholarship and/or Bursary (application deadline May 1st)


Please do not pay any money until your application has been accepted.
The Camp Registrar will contact you to confirm the amount payable and the payment options, at which time your $25 membership fee (for those 18+ years) plus a non-refundable deposit of $200, per person will be due and payable. The acceptance by WCAMS of your camp application is conditional upon receipt of your membership fees and deposit.
The balance of your camp fees is due by June 1, 2020; late payments are subject to a 15% surcharge.
No refunds will be issued after June 15, 2020.

The West Coast Amateur Musicians Society, the West Coast Summer Music Camp, and Quest University accept no responsibility for illness, injury, death, or loss of or damage to personal property during the camp.