Virtual Classes 2020

Many of the faculty who had been scheduled to coach at this summer's music camp are offering on-line classes. All you need to participate is a computer, an internet connection and a (free) Zoom account!


  • All classes are FREE to WCAMS members.
    If you have not renewed your membership for this year (current memberships are valid April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021), please send your $25 membership fee to
    If you are a new member, please complete and mail in the Membership Form along with your membership fee.

    WCAMS will be paying our coaches for any sessions they teach. Donations to help defray these costs are most welcome. You can e-transfer donations to

  • There must be a minimum of four people registered in order for a class to take place.

  • All Virtual WCAMS 2020 classes will take place through Zoom, during the originally scheduled camp week, July 19-26, 2020.

  • Class Schedule


Free Classes

All classes takes place the week of "camp week": July 20-24.

Annual General Meeting
Wednesday @ 7:30pm
Not a class per se, but all members are invited to attend our AGM which will take place partly on zoom, and perhaps partly at a Vancouver location, on Wednesday at 7:30pm during camp week.


Virtual Choir - Geordie Roberts
Monday & Friday, 7:30pm-8:30pm
By far our largest "group" undertaking, everyone is invited to participate in this multi-part singing venture, which will culminate in a final WCAMS Choir video.


Celtic Music - Amy Stephen
Celtic Vocal: Monday-Friday, 12pm-1pm
Celtic Instrumental (beg/int), Monday-Friday, 1pm-2pm
Celtic Instrumental (adv), Monday-Friday, 2pm-3pm
Amy is offering three different Celtic music sessions, for singers and instrumentalists.


Body Awareness Through Movement - Trish Plumley
Tuesday & Thursday, 3pm-4pm (new)
Tuesday & Thursday, 4pm-5pm (continuing)
This time of isolation is a marvellous opportunity to look inward and assess life, particularly our art and our music. The development of our body awareness plays a huge role in how we see ourselves and how we function as artists and musicians in relation to our instruments.


Conducting - Lars Kaario
Tuesday-Friday, 2pm-3pm
If you've always wondered what a conductor actually does, this is a good introductory course for you!


Chamber groups
Many of our faculty have offered to virtually coach chamber groups.


Vocal Masterclass - Geordie Roberts
Monday-Friday, 11am-12pm
Singers: Here's an opportunity for you to get feedback on songs you are studying.


Flutes Only - Christie Reside
Monday-Friday, 11am-12pm
The virtual Flutes Onlys class will be very similar to what I've done at WCAMS


Oboes Only - Heather Haydu
Monday-Friday, 1pm-2pm
Every class will be a Master Class set up, with each oboist playing for a small portion of the class. I think of it as more of a round table discussion / demonstration.


Clarinets Only - Cris Inguanti
Monday-Friday, 4pm-5pm
I'm planning to approach the clarinets-only component of "virtual WCAMS" in our usual master-class format.


Saxophones Only - Julia Nolan
Cancelled due to low enrolment
During the lockdown, I attended a number of online seminars and have some great ideas and approaches to ways of assessing and improving your saxophone playing skills and musicianship.


French Horn Only - David Haskins
Cancelled due to low enrolment
My focus in an online camp will be similar to previous years: I will cover mechanics of horn playing, including breathing, tone, buzzing, range development, and other topics as they come up.


Lower Brass Only - Sharman King
Monday-Friday, 3-4pm
Depending on instrumentation an Only Class could be daily warm ups followed by either a Master Class format with one or two people playing per day and encouraging comments from the group or group playing.


Violins Only - Becky Whitling and Karen Gerbrecht
Monday-Friday, 11am-12pm (beg/int)
Monday-Friday, 12pm-1pm (adv)
It's hard to imagine not getting together for our traditional 5 days of WCAMS Violins Only this summer. While some of our usual activities, such as playing scales together and preparing violin ensemble repertoire, will be impossible, there are many aspects of our normal class that will adapt well to an online experience.


Violas Only - Tawnya Popoff
Monday-Friday, 1pm-2pm
The online violas only class will be a mixture of masterclass, working with each of you individually, viola ensembles and viola technique run on the zoom platform.


Cellos Only - Cristian Markos
Monday-Friday, 4pm-5pm
This would have been my first year teaching at WCAMS and I was really looking forward to get to meet all of you in person. Alas, we will have to do it all virtually this summer, and while it is not the same, there is a lot we can still accomplish.


Double Basses Only - Meaghan Williams
Cancelled due to low enrolment
In this class, we'll spend some time going through basic technical principals of playing and work through some pieces depending on the relative levels of participants.


Pianos Only - Eric Hominick & Trish Plumley
Monday-Friday, 10am-11am
The Pianos Only session will be a combination of lectures and masterclasses led by both Eric and Trish.


Classes by fee, directly to coach

Below are other musical opportunities offered by our coaches. The classes are listed here as WCAMS will facilitate arrangements between coaches and interested individuals. However fees will be paid directly by the participants to the coaches.

Private lessons
If you are interested in one on one feedback from a coach, some of our faculty are willing to give a private lesson over zoom.


Violin Virtuolosity
This program complements the Violins Only session during camp week providing further opportunities for more in-depth violinistic exploration over a three-week period.


If you would like to sign up for any of these classes, CLICK HERE to go to the registration page.