President's Message
March 11, 2023


Planning for another WCAMS summer camp at Quest University was well underway when news broke that classes were being suspended as of May 1. We had hoped that Quest would honour their summer conference bookings, but on March 7, we learned that was no longer an option.

With so little time before we planned to open for camp applications, we had to make a very quick and realistic decision. Today your Board approved a decision to hold our 2023 camp at Trinity Western University in Langley on the same dates, July 23-30.

The main reason we were able to pivot so quickly is that we have experience running camps at Trinity from 1998 to 2013. We will all miss the Quest setting but there are some pluses to being at Trinity. In particular we have much more residence space available to us, there are many more, and larger classrooms, and an abundance of real pianos and practise rooms. Watch for more details.

Fees will be essentially the same as last year with some minor adjustments.

We need a bit more time to adjust our website and registration system so our planned date for applications has been changed to April 1.

We do hope you are able to join us at Trinity.


Tom Handley
President, WCAMS