Endowment Campaign Donors

We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who gave generously during our 5-year WCAMS For Everyone campaign to establish a permanent Endowment Fund for Scholarships and Bursaries.


Music Director's Circle ($10,000+)

Donors at this level of giving are recognized by honouring someone important in their lives. Visit us at camp to view a classroom plaque with their dedication.

Joyce Baker

In memory of our mom who gave each of her three daughters a lifelong love of music.
Claudia Morawetz

In memory of my father, composer Oskar Morawetz, who nurtured my lifelong love of music.
Monique Wilberg

Commemorating Ellen and Jan de Man's love and support of the arts and advocates for music education.


Virtuoso Supporter ($5000-$9999)

Donors at this level of giving are recognized by honouring their favourite composer. Visit us at camp to view their classroom plaque.

Ellen de Man

In honour of: Johannes Brahms
Jon Morris

In honour of: John Lennon
Colin Percival

In honour of: Richard Strauss
Paul and Irene Percival

In honour of: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Katherine Roback

In honour of: Franz Schubert
Veronica Roenitz

In honour of: Johann Sebastian Bach
Ron Schubank

In honour of: Gustav Mahler
Peter Wing and Claire Weeks

In honour of: Gabriel Fauré


Concertmaster Chair ($1000-$4999)

Donors at this level of giving are recognized on an engraved plaque on the Concermaster's Chair. Visit us at camp to view this special musician's chair enjoyed by the concertmaster of each of our various orchestras.

Elaine Alpert and Bill Marsh
Douglas Bacon
Sue Banning
Ursula Beale
Anne Brennan
Robert and Rowena Bridson
Sara Brusse
Mary Ann Carter
Arvita Cotter
Peter Eccles
Dee Gabrielle
Paula Gelmon
Tom Handley and Ana Harland
The Hon. Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes
Oscar Lewisohn
Helen Lightfoot
Canby Martin
Richard McManus
Julie Milne
Anne Norman
Marcia Nottle
Karen Oliver
Marie Provine
Bob and Cathy Quicke
Lon and Marilyn Rosen
Adrian and Margaret Rys
Laura Shelton
Valerie Leigh Sim
Kristina Stevens
Heather Stubbs
Rob and Naomi Taylor
Deborah Torkko
Han Vanderleeden
Dave and Andrea Warner
Jim Whittaker
Garnet and Nancy Wolchok
Sheila Woody


Front of House ($500-$999)

Paul Baker
Chris Bates
Peter Bosted
Marion and John Boyd
Elizabeth Buxbaum
Joan Carne
Pat Christiansen
Zoë Druick
Dorothy Fairholm
Gary Fleming and Jane Clifton
David Gadd
Shirley "Gigs" Giggey
Lorraine Harland
Janet Holland
Hsing Jou
Lars and Anne Kaario
Jane Kaczmer
Diane Kindree
Gabrielle Komorowska
Chris Lock
Jeff Moss
Susan Munro
B. Barry Narod
David Pimm
Nancy Pow
Sean Lampard-Quicke
Annelies Reeves
Claire Saez Co
Ingrid Söchting
David Swerdlove
Kevin Tate
Mara Teteris
David Varty
Anonymous (3)


Audience Participation ($25-$499)

Bill Andrews and Merle Zabreck
Tom Angelus
Joanna Ashworth
Melina Auerbach
Elizabeth Bae
Pam Bazinet
Laura Berardinucci
Norma Boutillier
Gwyneth Bowen
Sally Broadbent
Verena Bryner
Pat Carfra
Barbara Cassack
Elizabeth Caton
Helen Chiu
Anne Clark
David Clark
Hilary Clark
Ron Crabtree
Alison Crone
Elizabeth Crowther
Lisah D'Angelo
Doreen Deane
Carol Elder
Bill Fairbanks
John Falkenholt
Emily Farrell
Janet Finlayson
Ann Foster
Brian Funt
Annabel Gale
Mary Georgilas
Geoffrey Gomery
Linda Gomez
Anne Graham
Ian Graham
Mary M. Gray
Tarrance Grieve
Ron Grypma
Norah Hall
Katharine Harris
Anne Haywood
Erin Higgins
Heather Hoggarth
Maureen Hole
Bruce Irschick
Laura Iwan
Marilyn Jacobson
Joanna James
Glenda Johnson
Grace Karreman
Sandy King
Emma Krouzelka
Serena Laskin
Tracy Lau
Susan Layne
Shirley Lecker
Jennifer Leong
Sandra Levy
Martie Lopez
Hank Luck
Leona J. MacDonald
Claire Mackelson
Oxana Marmer
Sherry Masters
Robert Mayhew
Jeanne Mazzoni
Carol McAusland
Mary A. McDonald
Gundy McNab
Elena Miller
Laura Mills
Gail Milner
Carolyn Mitchell
Darcy Mitchell
Anthony Morgan
Rod Olafson
Christine Penner
Graham Percival
Forrest Phillips
Mary Reher
Deirdre Rogers
Diana Schachter
Bruce Searle
Alison Smith
Julia Stewart
John Storer
Midori Tomoeda
Laurie and Len van Leeuwen
Valerie Van Veen
Glenys Warriner
Adrienne Wills
Francesca Wilson
James Wong
Keith Woodward
Isabelle Wright
Karl Zaenker
Mary Zuanich
Anonymous (24)