Instrument Library

WCAMS has a few instruments that have been acquired over the years. WCAMS members may borrow these instruments between the Summer Music Camp sessions, under the following conditions:

  • Borrowers must be WCAMS members in good standing.
  • Borrowers must have attended at least one Summer Music Camp in the past 5 years.
  • Instruments will be loaned to individuals subject to availability, and subject to the discretion of the Board of WCAMS.

To make a request to borrow an instrument, please contact the WCAMS Librarian.

WCAMS Instruments


The viola was donated to WCAMS in 1994.

The viola markings indicate:

Copy of Antonius Stradivarius faciebat Cremona 1713
Made in Western Germany

C Clarinet

The C clarinet was purchased by WCAMS in December 2004, and refurbished by Backun Instrument Services.


A pair of A and Bb Clarinets

The Bb and A clarinets are a wood, matched pair of Edgwood from Boosey and Hawkes.


Yamaha PF-155 keyboard

This keyboard was purchased in July 2010.


Yamaha N1 AvantGrand digital piano

This piano was purchased in March 2019, with the primary purpose of providing the piano participants at camp with a "real" decent piano to rehearse on. The objective was to find an instrument that was easy to move ourselves (i.e. the volunteer WCAMS movers) and didn't require tuning, which eliminated purchasing a real piano.

The N1 hybrid piano has a horizontal wooden hammer board, so that you get the same "touch" as a grand piano. The sounds are sampled from an acoustic grand piano. The piano almost feels and sounds like a genuine Steinway concert grand.

Our N1 piano also comes with a piano bench, and sits on a dolly with locking wheels, for ease of moving.